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Someone you should know who knows you back



-To amplify the little bit of magic hidden in the monotony of our unending existence. To save the remote parts of us and repair the damage caused by this forever shinning sun over our heads. To give us our dark cloud and rainbow and rain. To be an umbrella for all those dreams and desires we are so ashamed to let out in open. Someone who’d bring to life the dollhouse sitting at the attic under those trophies and futile validation. Just how often do we bring our inner selves on a table, opposite to our outer selves and think about this one person who knows them both.

New year, new people, new Hope


W I R E D – A story of change

When did it become all about complexity- when did this happen and how did I miss it ? Just a few fluttering moments back, you were right here, snuggled between my fingers( all ten of them), sipping that not-so-black tea and catching the drops as they dripped from the cracked corners of my orange earthen cup you so dearly loved. When was it that white wasn’t good enough anymore? The lust for twisted,wired and devious- when did it slither in your skin and changed your golden olive color ?

Leave ? Or should I wait, wait and save you from this earthly debauchery? Untie the loops of lament, leeching your lacerating heart, cause I can pour you some (hot) not-so-black tea in my orange earthen cup again, and sit by the patio, waiting for your return.

Picture-in memory of Oscar, our breakfast companion from France, we met in Mcleodganj.

Words-just an attempt to understand the blanks.