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This is how it went when a girl was “checking me out” in a Subway sandwich stand

Check this out- Check that out- Check her out- 😐 I don’t think am doing it right.

You know how you need the right amount of ultra-cool cells in your blood to pull something really cool off *of course you know, whom am I kidding :P*- yes there’s a thing about western phrases and how miserably we *sometimes* fail to emit them. But I’ll still stick to the title because it was special and it went exactly like this:

It was 10 minutes past 9, when I first noticed her standing beside me being totally indecisive over the type of bread she wanted to wrap around her ham sub. I saw her looking at me once, then twice and many times after that – so, in the binge of excitement I focused at this short, pixie haired creature, wearing brown hand spun Khadi pants and donning a pair of rickety moccasins. In less than 7 seconds I revised my attention back to my sandwich- Oregano-No capsicum-Mustard red chili-Double cheese I said.

Sitting at the cynical corner with my new flat-mate, I was observing my subject of interest from a distance. She turned and looked again- *what is she looking* and yelped NO CAPSICUM. It hit me like a blow of hysteria- She was funny and witty and intelligent, I thought, and I instantly smiled back at her 🙂

By now, I was done with my forlorn sub sandwich and we were preparing to step out.  I saw her again sitting behind us *the whole communism character discussion got me too involved to notice* and the moment I turned, she blurted out an awkward “Hi” to which I skillfully smiled.

I bought a JHUMPA LAHIRI’s, Interpreter of Maladies that day from a book stall outside and took an auto back home.

*This happened Thursday, the 27th and its been 3 days since I caught myself thinking about the pixie head(an inquisitive one i hope). Although in the middle of evaluating the reality of my situation, I was pretty sure writing about it will bring me some solace*