Someone you should know who knows you back



-To amplify the little bit of magic hidden in the monotony of our unending existence. To save the remote parts of us and repair the damage caused by this forever shinning sun over our heads. To give us our dark cloud and rainbow and rain. To be an umbrella for all those dreams and desires we are so ashamed to let out in open. Someone who’d bring to life the dollhouse sitting at the attic under those trophies and futile validation. Just how often do we bring our inner selves on a table, opposite to our outer selves and think about this one person who knows them both.

New year, new people, new Hope


9 thoughts on “Someone you should know who knows you back”

  1. Reading this makes me feel that there’s still a lot to accomplish despite the fact that half the year has already zoomed past by. Hope you unlock new doors in different places! Himalayas would be preferable. πŸ™‚


  2. To live the life of the inner child, to make the limits of your life – the sky, to bind the soul to the heart and mind, someone should always know you inside πŸ™‚


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