I understand the contradiction in the TITLE, but there is no other word, better suited to my absolutely delightful Trip to Goa. No, it ISN’T my “survival in Goa under 5 dollar” travelogue, our’s was a laid-back, lazy trip, with luxury, leisure and lots of beer. It was wonderful, and I would climb up my office cubicle and shout at the top of my lungs, “IT WAS WONDERFULLL” if there were less people in here( but you understand the emotion, right? :P)

the magnificent sight from the Charpora fort
I was gone for a fairly prolonged period of TEN days and every second( all 86,4000 of ‘em) was worth it. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the scorching heat, the interim lakes almost touching the surface of the road, the football fields, the random roadside snakes that interrupted with our schedule, the sugarcane juice machines and the Handsome European travellers. The ultimate chemistry of contemporary and conventional, GOA was like a dreamy courtship.
Monster feet: Love the leather handicraft
We were a small pack of 4, with weird personalities. There were runners, writers, car mechanics, guitar players, disturbed eaters, germophobics, NRIs and deep thinkers. So, for the absolute comfort of one and all, we rented a Villa(partly to cut short our hotel expenses and to counter our specific needs). With the help of AIRBNB, we found this 3 bedroom properly near Arpora in North Goa, and I am not a big fan of architecture, but Boy! this double-storied Villa was exactly what you imagine yourself living in. Enormous windows, hanging balconies, attic style roof, personal Garden( we had our personal Coconut Palm ^^ ), private pool and a small store room with dumbbells and barbeque stand and what not.   
Villa Cost around 31,000 INR for 10 days for 4 people
Living Expenditure per day per person: INR775 or $12.36
We had a fully-equipped Kitchen with an RO purifier and we used it to its full potential. Early morning breakfast included Pasta, Salads, sandwiches, omelettes, juices, protein shakes, tea, coffee and BEER. We ended up saving a fortune eating breakfast at home and moreover, cooking with friends is always fun and experimental. 
Grocery + Snacks Cost 2000 for 10 days for 4 people
Grocery + Snacks Expenditure per day per person: INR 50 or $0.80
Moving ahead, we hired a Swift Desire Car for the whole stay and bagged a very decent deal. Days were hot and we weren’t sure whether two wheeler was a practical idea(‘coz let’s face it, our Boys were scared of getting all tanned).  
Rented Car Cost 7500 for 10 days for 4 people
Rented Car Expenditure per day per person: INR187.5 or $2.99
It was baffling, how cheap the petrol was in the state. It was around 52 INR/ Litre and if you were from around Delhi NCR, you would be like, WHHATT!!   All in all we spend around 2600 on petrol    (which covered most of Goa).
Petrol Cost 2600 for 10 days for 4 people
Petrol Expenditure per day per person: INR 65 or $1.04
We dinned(lunches and dinners) like a boss, we tried to cover the famed ones.
Café LILLIPUT(must try spring rolls, both veg and non-veg), Café Curlies, Fisherman Cove( most exotic Amotic Fish ever), The Verandah, Panjim Inn( mouth-watering Kingfish in Goan curry), café Calamari(there head trembling Pina colada), Mangos, Navtara(for south Indian), Shree sagar( for north Indian) and so many more that have somehow fallen off my head.
Dining Cost 12,000 INR for 10 days for 4 people
Dining Expenditure per day per person: INR300 or $4.78
And coming to drinks, with Goa enjoying tax rebate of some kind, alcohol was cheap there, from the rest of India. We bought BEERS and WINES from Government Authorized shops(don’t buy alcohol from elsewhere), and stocked up our refrigerator.  
Drinks Cost 2500 for 10 days for 4 people
Drinks Expenditure per day per person: 62 INR or 1 $.
Bringing our GRAND TOTAL to 22.98 $ per person per day 🙂 
No. of days- 10
No. of Persons- 4
Travel month- March(5th to 14th)
Island of Divar: laid-back laziness
The nomadic lakes of Goa
Salim Ali bird sanctuary away from the hoopla of the city, island of Chorao
Panjim Inn in the beautiful fontainhas area in Panjim district

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